Staff Survey
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2014 Staff Survey


Every few years the federation does a co-op staff survey. Since staff tend to be somewhat isolated and insular, the results are often varied and personal. We try to present generic information that may help staff when negotiating their contracts and co-ops the information they need to be fair and reasonable.

The information is presented in hard numbers, as delivered by the respondents. It is only as accurate as the information provided to the federation.

Staff are encouraged to network, exchange information and work together. The local staff association, CHCHNA, is an excellent vehicle for staff to get together to exchange ideas and information and get peer support.

Fifteen staff persons responded to the survey this year. If some of the numbers do not add up, some staff chose not to answer all questions.

2014 Staff Survey:

How long on job:

Answers ranged from 7 - 20 years. Average 13.5 years.

0-5 years: 4

5-10 years 4

10 - 20 years 6

Weekly hours worked:

Ranged from 22 - 40. Average was 28.5

Over 30 hours - 7

20 - 28 hours - 8

Do you have a job description: Yes -15 (everyone who responded)

Do you have a contract? Yes - 11 No - 4

Do you have a retirement plan? Yes - 0 No - 15

Do you receive an RRSP? Yes - 5 No - 10

How many sick days can you take annually? Eight staff receive 10 - 12, average was 8

Can you accumulate unused sick days? Only 1 person could do this.

Are you bonded? Only 11 were bonded

Does your co-op have a personnel policy? Yes - 2 No - 13

Do you have a staff Liaison? Yes - 13 No - 2

Do receive a benefit package? Yes - 9 No - 6 Some staff traded their benefits for a higher salary.

Do you receive an annual increase in salary? Yes - 10 No - 5

Does co-op do an annual performance evaluation? Yes - 10 No - 5

Stat. holidays, 13 get all 11 stat holidays, 2 did not get Easter Monday but received 2 floater days.

Time off at Christmas? Yes - 4 No - 10, 1 takes vacation time

Do you belong to local staff association? Yes - 11

Do you receive a Christmas Bonus? Yes - 9 No - 6

Do you work overtime? 13 said yes

Do you get paid for overtime? 15 said no

Do you get lieu hours instead? 10 yes, 5 no

Do you have time to take lieu hours? 8 yes, 5 no

Do you take work home? 8 yes, 7 no

7 co-ops hired a bookkeeper at an average of $340.00 month

13 co-ops encouraged and paid for staff education. this education was generally sector based education.

How much vacation time do you receive?

Answers ranged from 4 days - 30 days

3 received 30 days (6 weeks)

0 - 10 years service, average 13 days

10 - 20 years service average 24 days

Does vacation time increase automatically? 3 staff get vacation increases based on a scale.


Average hourly wage was $25.49

High was $29.00, Low was $19.40

It has been 3 years since our last staff survey. Generally more long term staff responded this year. There is some anxiety about retirement and the lack of any standard retirement plan offered by housing co-ops. There is an obvious reticence to talk about salaries and retirement provisions amongst staff.

Staff generally are left to their own resources when dealing with their employers and some do better than others. There is also a degree of uncertainty about job security as boards change and do not necessarily have the skills to be employers.

Local staff associations could provide more support and education for their members in this regard by inviting guest speakers and researching issues important to their membership.

The above content was provided by staff who responded, the federation only compiled the data.