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Co-operative Housing Co-ordinators

Hamilton-Niagara Area


"building upon the foundations for stronger communities"

Incorporated April 19 1996



To provide a forum in which Co-operative Housing Co-ordinators in the Hamilton-Niagara area may discuss their work in confidence.

To provide professional education for its members through information exchange, guest speakers and attendance at workshops, seminars and courses.

To foster a spirit of camaraderie among co-ordinators through meetings and other shared activities.


Membership in our Association is open to any individual who is employed as a co-ordinator in the Hamilton-Niagara area

Meetings are held every two months. Each member is entitled to vote at all meetings.

Each member shall be subject to annual membership fees as the members may from time to time decide.

What we do:

One member of our association holds a seat on the Golden Horseshoe CHF Board. We are represented by our delegate at both Golden Horseshoe CHF meetings and at CHF Canada annual staff conferences. There is also representation with all other staff associations across Ontario. Several of our members have been involved in workgroups to review and design procedures brought about by the downloading of many of our co-ops.

About our meetings:

Our meetings are a great forum for networking and education.

We discuss:

changes through the sector and how they affect our work procedures, schedules, etc.

how to work through these changes

our benefit packages

feedback on unique problems

bring together ideas, information and problem solving techniques for each other, our Boards and membership

Is your staff person a member? If not, consider the benefits. We are a strong forum for getting up-to-date information that affects your co-op. If you want more information contact us as outlined below or speak to any staff person who is presently a member.


c/o 36 Keefer Crt. Unit 1A

Hamilton, On. L8E 4V4