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AGM  Agenda

AGM & Winter Workshops 2018

The Board of the Golden Horseshoe CHF thanks all those members, suppliers and other federations who take part in making our Winter Event the best and the biggest of any local federation.

In particular, the federation instructors and guest instructors without whom we could not have such a meaningful and interesting program of workshops.

Our next AGM and Winter Workshops will be:

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Holiday Inn & Suites

Parkway Conference Centre

327 Ontario Street

St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L3


WORKSHOPS: 9:30 am-4:30 pm

MEETING: 5:00 pm-6:30 pm

DINNER/DANCE: 7:00 pm-1:00 am

In 2018 we will be offering a 15 workshop program.

Iler Campbell Lawyers Celia Chandler and Katie Douglas will lead us through Behavioural Evictions, Lawyer Lauren Blumas and Andrew Noble from Non Smokers Rights Assoc. will delve deeper into new marijuana smoking legislation..

Peter Gesiarz from CHF Ont will discuss the End of Mortgages in HSA Co-ops, Keith Moyer will lead you through by-laws and how to make them better.

Our home team of workshop leaders includes Doug Sider; Catherine Jolliffe; Tracy Geddes; Kathy Dimassi; Judy Mair and Heather Kennedy.

Diane Kirke and Elizabeth Hawbolt will lead a discussion on working together with multi generational members

Simone Swail, CHF Ont. will show you how to campaign to save your co-op in this yearís Provincial election.

We will also have our massive Supplier Expo with lots of displays from companies who are co-op friendly.



Half day workshop $50.00 per person

Dinner Dance cost $50.00 per person

Full day workshop $100.00 per person


Morning Program

9:30 Ė 12:30

1. A.O.D.A. Itís Time, you need this.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities: everyone in your co-op dealing with the public must have this training. Board members, committee members, e.g. interview, new member committees, staff etc. The law requires that your co-op must have a policy in place to accomplish this. This workshop will give you the necessary tools to make this happen.

2. Full Day Board training:

Topics include: leadership; legal responsibilities; co-op finances; planning and goal setting; managing staff; fiduciary duties working with committees and creating a co-operative community.

Note: this is a full day workshop $100.00

3. Behavioural Evictions:

Many co-ops must eventually consider evicting a member for breaching the behavioural requirements of the co-opís occupancy by-law such as the rules against nuisance and violence. Sometimes the behaviours that lead a co-op to consider a behavioural eviction are the result of a mental health disabilities. As housing providers, co-ops must accommodate members with disabilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code, including when considering eviction. Co-ops that donít may face long and expensive proceedings at the Human Rights Tribunal and be forced to pay hefty damage awards.

This session will teach co-ops how to address member behaviour and carry out evictions for members whose behaviour breaches the co-opís occupancy by-law while also meeting the co-opís obligations under the Human Rights Code.

Celia Chandler and Katie Douglas, lawyers from Iler Campbell, spent much of their time working on behavioural issues in housing co-operatives and look forward to sharing their experiences with you.

4. Co-op Finances for Dummies Understanding your Co-ops Finances

This workshop will Not teach you how to read your co-opís financial statement but you will learn who is responsible for producing it, when the board should see it and how to use it as a tool to keep your co-op safe and healthy.

You will see through the myths of co-op finances and will Not be afraid of asking "dumb" questions to get to the truth.

You will learn staff and boardís responsibilities and what reports the board should receive every month.

This should be a must have workshop for everyone.

5. Maintenance: looking for Health & Safety Issues: Who is responsible for What?

you have water damage, floor tiles are lifting, your light bulbs donít work, your front step is cracked, your toilet does not flush. You have broken electrical fixtures. Just who is responsible /accountable for fixing these health and safety issues problems. in your unit? You or the Co-op?

6. Committees: Do we Really need them?

Ok, your co-ops has committees. How did they start? How are they run? Who do they report to and how do they report their activities? How do committees work? How do they get a job description? How do you get rid of a committee? Who has authority over your committees? This workshop will take some of the mystery and misconceptions out of starting and running a committee.

7. Applicant Interviews: This workshop was developed with an eye on asking the hard questions that do not take you over the edge of human rights and will help you develop interview questions to weed out applicants that may not be a fit for your co-op

8. Better By-laws: Keith Moyer

You take your by - law book to all your board and member meetings and refer to it regularly.

Or maybe they sit there unopened. How do you know your by-laws are still doing their job? Do they need updating? Do you have the correct by-laws? In this workshop weíll review how to work with your by-laws and make sure they are up-to-date and working as intended.

This workshop is for federal and HSA coops.

Afternoon Program

2:00 Ė 4:30

9. End of Mortgage: HSA Co-ops. Whatís gonna Happen Now?

Is your co-op legislated under the Housing Services Act and funded through your local municipality?

Do you wonder what will happen at your co-op when the mortgage is paid off?

In this workshop, we will discuss the things that will change and the things that will stay the same at the end of mortgage. We will review the current funding model and the effects when the mortgage is paid off. Peter Gesiarz

10. Legal Marijuana in your Co-op, The legal Issues

Legal cannabis is coming to Canada soon. Will members be allowed to smoke it anywhere? What if members want to grow plants in their units or community gardens? What steps can be taken to strike a balance between allowing people to exercise their legal rights and avoiding being choked out by second-hand smoke? This workshop will review the legal issues and provide guidance on some options to protect co-op property from damage and members from second-hand smoke. Lauren Blumas, Iler Campbell, Andrew Noble, Smoke-free Housing Ontario

11. Co-ops and Campaigns, 2018. Simone Swail

Politicians have unofficially started campaigning for the June election, and so are we! Join us as we roll out our plan to help your co-op make its voice heard. With affordable housing capturing headlines in every corner of the province, the timing is right Learn what Golden Horseshoe co-ops can do to make more co-op housing champions of candidates in the provincial election in June, and in the municipal elections in October.

12. Chairing Meetings: Yeah, you think itís EASY?

Ever stood a the front of a memberís meeting or board meeting when things got out of control? It happens, but if you know the rules and guidelines of chairing it wonít happen to you. Evictions, requisitioned meetings, bad behaviour, members out of control? Board meetings, GMMs this workshop will give you the skills you need.

We will show you how to chair those meetings that start out nice then get really heated. You will also learn how to chair the easy ones as well and have fun doing it.

13. Board and staff, how should they work together? We will discuss the roles of Board and Staff and describe who does what. Who really is the Boss. Both have distinct roles to play in running your co-op but do they work together.

14. Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Crazy
This interactive workshop will introduce mindfulness-based tools to help manage your stress, cultivate clear-thinking and develop the skills needed to navigate challenging situations that might be encountered in your role as director, committee chair or co-op staff.

15. Closing the Generation Gap

Encouraging generations to work together with a greater understanding of differences, common ground and styles across the generations.

This workshop will offer insight to address common challenges and utilize each otherís skills to maximize productivity in your co-op.