Golden Horseshoe CHF

Diversity Scholarship Program

In 2012, the Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation (GHCHF) launched the GHCHF Diversity Scholarship Program.

The program is for people living in GHCHF member housing co-ops and who will be attending a publicly funded Canadian University or College. An important element of the scholarship is the strong commitment to diversity shown by the applicants in their communities. Students are awarded their scholarships largely based on their community involvement in their schools, co-op communities and in a variety of community-based organizations.

Students entering first year of university or college could receive up to $5,000 spread over their academic years. Students presently enrolled in college or University will be eligible for pro-rated scholarships

The Scholarship Program hopes to bring together business and community sponsors to ensure that young people have an opportunity to pursue educational opportunities.

Some of our previous scholarship recipients are presented below