Member Services

Join your federation and get savings for your co-op

Your paid GHCHF membership will entitle you to a 10% discount on your CHFC annual dues, participation in the CHFC insurance programs for co-ops and their members, participation in the staff benefit plan as well as discounted rates for co-op education and training for your Board and members.

Membership in the Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation will also allow you to benefit from the full service program provided by the GHCHF.

Your co-op will have access to products and services available at reduced costs only to GHCHF members.

Savings for your Co-op

Savings: The Co-op Housing Investment program, CHIP, earns member co-ops many unique services on all of their financial accounts.

More Savings: Our Group Savings Program, Co-op Cost Cutters, offers bulk purchasing prices for all federation members. Your co-op will save money on such items as: appliances, hardware, plumbing, paint and wallpaper, carpets and floor coverings, computer software, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors and office equipment.

Education: We presently offer more than 30 workshops aimed at living in and managing your co-op. Our instructors provide Board training and requested workshops throughout the membership year. Custom workshops are also available. All programs uphold the values and mission statement adopted by co-ops in 1995. Our education services assist members in developing skills, democratic management practices and self-sufficiency within housing co-ops. Learn more.

Workshops: We offer scheduled workshops each Winter. These workshops are keyed to provide up-to-date information based on the response from our membership. Break snacks and lunch are included in the cost of these workshops.

Meeting Facilitator: For difficult meetings each member can use the free services of a trained neutral chairperson 3 times per year.

GHCHF staff are available to meet with co-op boards, committees and members. We provide:

  • meeting facilitators for difficult meetings,
  • advice on co-op by-laws,
  • help with elections,
  • information on co-op roles and responsibilities,
  • assistance with hiring, and
  • confidential conflict resolution services.

Meetings: Each year we hold 3 members’ meetings. Co-ops are invited to send delegates to hear the latest news from the co-op sector and network with members from other co-ops. This is a great forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Each January, we hold our Annual Members’ Meeting. A mini-convention, we offer workshops, a supplier exposition and a dinner dance. Members also have the opportunity to elect our Board of Directors or run for a position themselves.

Attracting over 250 co-op members, this day has become our showcase event.

Advice: Telephone advice is available during office hours, Monday through Friday afternoons, providing co-op staff and board members with information to aid in the decision making process.

Resources: The GHCHF office has a comprehensive resource and material library available to all members. Feel free to drop by and see what we have to offer. Members have access to the GHCHF office during all regular business hours. We suggest you call first.

Information: The Federation Digest and our E-Bulletins keep member co-ops up-to-date with services, political campaigns and general information and news locally within the co-op sector. Housing co-ops can share information via the Digest and advertise vacancies and other happenings in their co-ops. In order to give our members up to the minute information as it happens, we also distribute a Federation Update for up to the minute information. We are now available on Twitter, follow us at @ghchf

Representation: We lobby at all levels of government and provide assistance in dealing with CMHC and other funding bodies. In these times of budget cutbacks at every level of government and the advent of devolution to the municipal level, it is important that all co-op housing represent themselves with a strong united voice. The GHCHF provides that voice. The federation organizes political action campaigns to inform local elected officials at all levels of government. Your co-op’s voice adds to the power of our statements in these actions. We provide information, make presentations and organize activities to increase government and community understanding of and support for co-operative housing. Our staff, Board members and volunteers communicate with local politicians and co-ordinate with the national political efforts of CHFC.

Sponsorship: Each year the GHCHF sponsors a youth from a member co-op to attend the Co-operative Young Leaders Camp, a one week learning experience.

As of 2012 we now have a Diversity Scholarship Program to assist co-op members with their higher education.