Cost Cutters

Save money
for your co-op

Co-op Cost Cutters began in 1998 as a service of the local Ontario Federations. These included COCHF, CHFT, Golden Horseshoe CHF, and PHCHF.

The program offers savings on a wide range of products used by co-ops. Paint, carpet, tile, flooring, building maintenance supplies, credit information, energy efficient lighting and appliances, water efficient toilets and washing machines – and office supplies – are just some of the products available at great discounts. It is not surprising that the program soon became a very large part of the services offered by these 6 federations, providing great savings for their members.

Link to the Co-op Cost Cutters Site:

Co-op Cost Cutters is co-ordinated by Miriam Wohl at the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT). Miriam sends out program information to participating co-ops throughout the year. In order to access the discounts, co-ops must be a member of their local federation.

For more information about Co-op Cost Cutters
Miriam Wohl
Phone: 416-465-8688 extension 212